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3 Phase 20KW Inverter

MODEL: GG-20KW   Off grid Solar Inverter, Three Phase
● Dual CPU single chip intelligent control technoloty, microcomputer control,humanized design.
● Output high quality Pure Sine Wave AC power, with strong Load capacity.
● With perfect protection fuction, greatly improve product reliability.
● Adopt CPU centralized control, and SMT technology.
● Stable operation, low distortion, no noise, no pollution. Strong resistance to load impact, long life.
● LCD/LED Panel Manu display operation status.
● Three-stage charging function with battery type selection ( optional).
● Stroage Battery overvoltage, shortvoltage protection.  Can resume working automatically.
● Utility electricity automatic conversion . ( optional )
● High conversion efficiency, high instance power, low load loss.
● Can realize the connection of generator and external battery.
Minimum/ Maximum DC Input Power 192 /492 VDC
Max Discharge Current 136A / 53A
Input Utility Electricity Voltage AC 380V
Intergrated AC Charger Current ( optional) 3A
AC Output
Rated Power 20000W
Output Current 30A * 3
Rated Voltage 380VAC ±5%
Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Phase number Three Phase
Output Wave Form Pure Sine Wave
Current THD <3%
Switching Time 20ms ~ 1s
General Parameters
Invert efficiency ≥ 85%
Standby Power Consumption < 20W
Noise ≤ 55dB
Peak Overload Capacity when >120%, 10s protection;  when >150, 5ms protection
Display LCD/ LED
Operation temperature Range Air Flow, -10 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ 
Relative humidity ≤90% RH , no condensation
Environment No Corrosion Gas, Flammable Gas, Gas Fumes and Dust Etc.
Size 400x700x850mm
Weight 145kgs
Support Over-voltage, short-voltage, over-heat, overload, over short-circuit,  auto-resume when voltage in normal.   Utility electricity over/short voltage protection.
* OEM available,  ODM available.