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Solar Kit L10W


SDM series is a kind of MP3/FM Radio of off-grid solar power system design for home and outdoor activities .The solar energy will be turned into DC current power stored in the battery by solar panel and solar charge controller.And the solar controller output DC current used for home small power DC electric equipment directly .Such as mobile phone,digital cameras,laptops,DC fan and DC TV etc .
It suitable for power supply,communication base Station Road monitoring,tunnel,grassland pasture,forest fire prevention,environmental monitoring,fisherman,border posts,etc,and outdoor camping, yurts, tents and other outdoor and indoor lighting, drivers drive.It is an essential for night lighting.
2.Product feature
Reasonable configuration,sunny areas can achieve annual electricity continuously.
Humanized design ,portable and simple operation .It have 12VDC output port and 5VDC USB output .Convenience for various kinds of small electric appliances used .
Novel appearance .It have 15 meter remote control ,you can play your favorite song .You can receive information of anywhere any time .
The product built-in rechargeable maintenance-free lead-acid batteries or the lithium batteries.It can use sunlight for charging, also can choose the AC adapter, when no sunlight can be used to charging.It have overcharge,discharge,over current,prevent the reverse charging protection at night function.
Please full charge battery first using. ( When the power switch turn ON ,the battery indicator is flashing on red . After full charge ,the battery indicator will continue lighting on green .)
Through the standard USB cable can be directly connected to the 5v output charge formobile phone, game consoles, digital cameras, MP4 and other small capacity equipment.
The port of standard LED bulb cable connect the any one 5.5VDC socket ,and open the switch of the LED bulb cable ,LED bulb lighting .
The LED  set on ,LED lighting.
FM/MP3 switch on , long press the power button ,The digital display  show Radio station  ;If you insert MR3/SD card will be play them automatic .The digital display  will show the time of the song .Press to choose your favorite song , long press to adjust volume .Press  to change  FM radio ,and press button  to search radio stations ,press button  to stop searching radio station ; Press to choose favorite radio station after search radio stations .Long press to adjust volume .Long press power switch to turn off MP3/FM playing .
If use solar panel charging, first insert the solar panel into the DC charger,put solar panels on sunny places, pay attention that there is nothing cover solar panels.
Using AC charging, put the adapter DC into solar light DC charger,then connect the charger with 220 VAC.
If additional AC adapter,the power wire connect the machine and insert into mains.

①MP3 player input ②SD card player input ƒWorking indicator ④6VDC/12VDC output⑤Power switch ⑥LED display screen⑦MP3/FM control button ⑧Charging input of solar panel and AC charger ⑨Charging indicator ⑩USB output 5VDC ⑪LED switch⑫Antenna⑬LED lighting lamp

①MP3 player input ②SD card player input ƒBattery capacity display ④USB output 5VDC ⑤Charging input of solar panel and AC charger ⑥power switch ⑦LED display screen ⑧MP3/FM control button ⑨LED switch  ⑩3.7VDC output ⑪Charging
indicator⑫220VAC input ⑬Install lithium battery 3.7VDC ⑭Antenna⑮LED lighting lamp
Remote control chart:
Please read the instruction before use.
Long time no use , please turn off the power.
Charging more than 10 hours every3 months.
Don’t use other adapter and solar panel charger this product.
Don’t disassemble solar panel and battery.
Light stay away from water, combustiblegas and corrosive.
The temperature keep between 0℃-40℃.
When the charging indicator is not bright ,please check the solar panel whether connect correctly.The machine power switch on . The solar panel whether placed in the sunshine.
It can’t work for load or the load indicator is not bright,please check battery whether low voltage and the voltmeter whether display less than 10V.Before used,you can continuous charging the battery 10hours.
If the load shows is opened,without load output,please check the load connection whether damage or not,then connected again.Check whether the overload,short circuit,then disconnect the load for a minute later and connected again.
When the first use or loading and unloading battery can not be switched on, please use solar panels or electricity charging, start the chip in the machine
7.Technical data
Model       SDM-3790
Battery capacity 7.5AH 3.7VDC
Solar panel       10W/6VDC
Open-circuit voltage 5.5~6.5VDC
Charging current 1A
Adapter 5VDC  0.8~1A
DC output voltage   3.7V  5V
USB output       1A
Charging protection 4.2±0.1VDC
Low voltage disconnect point  2.8±0.2VDC
No load loss  ≤8mA
Working temperature -10℃∽50℃
Moisture requirement ≤90% non-condensing